We’ve walked miles together,

And still it’s not enough,

There are roads that remain,

For us to make a stroll.

Each time you go,

Each time you go far,

Each time it’s special,

Each times it gives me ripples.

Like the drought longs for rain,

Like music longs for pain,

I long for that arch,

Where I want to remain.

Those misty eyes dry up soon,

Unnoticed and unseen,

To the mornings and past the noon,

You stay even in the midnight dream.

Again there is a windy day,

Again comes the rain,

Our story remains the same,

And same remains the pain.

Duty calling and duty recalling,

The priorities are set straight.

But you my dear still would be,

That special man for whom I love to wait.

I’ve had my share of love ,

And mostly it just seems right.

Life is like that comouflage ,

That adorns you day and night.

By- Nisha Tiwari

War – No Answer

Was it the blood from your eye,

Or was it the ‘bloods’ reflection?

Was it your own wound,

Or was it a wound’s vision?

Was it a threat that you felt?

Or was it a deadly imagination?

Decide and decide for yourself this time,

As war will give the same intimidating vision.

Uri, As the place is named,

Were there a few whose lives was claimed.

Unknown they were lying asleep,

Of the terror that was following,

Those shots fired, did penetrate,

Leaving us with an answer to retaliate,

We hear you want no war as we,

Then why did you commit such an atrocity?

Do you own a mother, who awaits,

For a short phone call that her child has to make.

Have you had a partner at home,

Who dies every day like the diminishing foam,

For the one she loves and looks for,

But country’s love he wants to explore.

Well, are you attached to your kids?

Who wait for you in awe of gifts.

Tell me does your heart hear a bell?

Wen you get to hear what your child has to tell.

Do you even have a heart?

If yes, then did you ever gave it a thought?

What if your mother could see you no more,

What if your love’s life soars,

What if your child loses your arms,

What if those lives lose their charm?

Those who died  earned respect,

What, in return did you get?

The hatred that the family now bears,

Is like a mountain getting wet in tears,

It’s piercing every inch of the soil,

And has got every folk to moil.

A paradise that the valley is,

Would it remain the same?

If the same inhuman acts,

Continue to fill the land with shame.

The bewitching beauty would cry in pain,

When blood would creep throughout its vein,

Do you know who will suffer the most,

When our country men will riposte?

Mankind, “O being”, it will be it,

Its core Will be hit and slit,

Such a deed would get no victory,

It will be a loss forever in history.

Let’s make the world a healthy place,

With no worries and no regrets,

Where people live as the best of mates,

No hatred prevails and love dominates,

Separated by a line and not by heart,

So let us take a fresh start.

Let’s hug one other in full zeal,

And allow our past wounds to heal.

O fellow brethren, let’s breathe as one,

And shine together as the bright sun.

– by Nisha Tiwari


It’s when I feel for you,

I see you there,

Your love filled eye,

I would get no-where.

The smile on your face,

Is as pure as the snow,

The locks on your sides,

Are like clouds standing in a row.

And then when I hear your voice,

I  cant tell you what I sense,

Every part of my being,

Gets a goosebump hence.

My imaginations were not,

as beautiful as you are,

My dreams couldn’t imagine,

Something so perfect as you are.

And then when you ,

just passed by me,

Your aroma brightened,

Every bit of thee..

I closed my eye,

As the clock had stopped,

The veil on your face,

At my side, was locked,

Your tender arms, reached for thee.

And my heart imagined,

“U” and “me” as “we”.

Oh there!!

Yes , you!!

Connect in my eye,

As I wanna do,

Do you see your face there in,

Inside my soul it’s actually breathing.

What takes away my breath,

Is that bright face of yours,

Please be forever mine,

As I really want to be yours…..

– Nisha

The Face

Scars and bruises,

No bed of roses,

My life has now,

I wonder how?

My pretty appearance,

No more is same,

Now you say in different ways,

“Mine is now an ugly face”.

When going back,

Recollecting days,

When I had had ,

A prettier face,

The smile I wore,

Was the same as now,

But feelings beneath 

Are different somehow,

Back then my face ,

Had that glaze,

And now I have,

An ugly face.

The scar I carry ,

Is a gift from you,

Accepted by me with,

wet eyes in dew,

The drops dat touch,

My heart alone,

Are drops dat make,

My soul mourn,

Knowing the fact,I hav spend my days,

Coz now I have an ugly face.

Awake iam this morning,


This day,

As to the mirror,

want to say,

I luv myself,  

However I look,

With your vision


Admiring myself, 

I want to say,

My face I love

Like the ocean loves its bay

                                   – Nisha tiwari




A wink and a gaze,in the time gone by,

A beautiful harbour and a beautiful faun,

People and men and the one of them,

Terror in the eyes of the federal men,

With amenity of the country kept at stake,

Flew the crew for the county’s sake,

With guns in the arms and carriers amoke,

And the altimeter showing tude from the dock,

Fighting for lives and the one of thee,

Flew away and my love was he.

Once behind had you held me tight,

And had loved me for the whole night, 

of which I carry the souvenir,

and the thought of loss fills me with thrill,

all the blood that flowed by and dried, was the blend of bloods of millions who tried,

but your blood I could identify,

as I had it breathing within my eye,

I could see you creep wounded in the mud,

I could hear your sound with every thud,

I felt your touch when you reached for me,

Although my love couldn’t come up thee.

I urge to give my love to you,

but my bounds are out of reach from you,

you left me here in the paradise,

the same land where your coffin lies,

it’s dreary for me away from you,

my eyes inact but my love was true.

Today again as I see the day,

It is just the same and at bay,

for every moment I was in your arms,

and till today I can feel it warmth,

closing my eyes I can feel them wet, 

desiring for a life that I couldn’t get.

-by nisha tiwari

“Happiness”- Is it?


Sometimes I feel I am happy,

Although I don’t know why,

 As life has given me values,

 Of  which I can’t deny.

My wishes kept ashore,

The dreams kept aside,

And sorrows left alone,

I am happy but don’t know why.

My life is my own,

In the clutches of the known ,

I don’t know exactly why,

 I am happy but want to cry.

When people pat my back,

However telling me where I lack,

They are not better neither am I,

 I am happy but can’t say why.

Thinking and thinking I formed a link,

Now I realise I love to think,

I look Above and notice the sky,

It’s too high for my happiness to fly.

I know that it is exactly here,

In my sorrows and all my tears,

And still I have a thought to rely,

Smile is the rulebook happiness abides by.

– Nisha Tiwari

The Choice — Alliteration

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The Choice

The Choice

Amidst, I stand of two doors,
life behind one and the other having fun ,
Choice is mine but a tough one ,
If I could , I would choose none.

Life is something, I want to live
And fun is what I want to give,
A blend of the two, I wish to get ,
but yes “the choice”, I can’t forget.

“Confused ” it is ,it’s my life ,
Is fun attached? or chopped by a knife?
I don’t understand, “why I smile?”,
Is it for long? or only for a while ?

A cloak I wear on my face ,
Beneath I am a different race,
Still loitering to know-“who am I?”,
Rather to take a relieving “Sigh”.

As world’s a stage and actors are we,
but are actions confirm our reality,
In this Unreal world, reality lies,
And this is the irony where the world “LIES“.

Its tough to find a life today,
Where one has a crucial part 2 play,
Yet I again forgot “the choice” to make,
Now its me whom I have to fake.

-By Nisha